Partnerklasse für Online Austausch-Projekt gesucht

  • Dear Englisch Teachers!
    Once again I am looking for partner classes for a tele collaborative exchange! The exchange is for Fall semester (September through beginning of December, or part of this time depending on your schedule). My students are beginning learners of German so we're looking for learners of English (native speakers of German) for a two-way exchange (using 50% English, 50% German). I'd like this to be a photo exchange and would love to discuss my ideas with you. My students are 18-20 years old and we are at Yale University in CT, USA. If you're interested in setting up an exchange with me please send me a message!! We're open to working with older high school students (grade 11 or 12). Feel free to email me at: if you are interested in discussing details!

  • Hello Theresa,

    So you're looking only for age 18 and above? I just have classes in year 5 and 6 but would be so interested in having real (live?) contact / pen-friendshipswith English speakers around the world. But your students being 18+ is really too old. What a pity. What is your preferred tele medium for the exchange: Skype...? Or, as you're writing mail/photos only?